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Live Your Genetic Potential
Discover Your Reason for being

Bring Joy to Your Life


We all have a gift to share with the world.

Epigenetic Profiling Introduction

You will receive a comprehensive and cutting-edge Epigenetic Profiling Assessment specifically for you. Valued at over $280

  1. Food and Exercise ☞ Learn what food is best for you and when to eat;  What type of exercise and time of day is best for you;  and Learn how to check in to Move for You.
  2. Social and Place ☞ Social Connections is a top driver of our health and happiness; Understand how you and others like to socialise; and Learn what environment is best for your health and what you can do.
  3. Mindset and Talents The Power of the Mind – delve into your minds genetics and how it likes to work; We all have natural talents – find out yours
  4. Your ProfileAt the completion of the workshop, you will receive a summary of YOUR Epigenetic Profile.

Experience New and Fun Activities

  Laughter and Joy is a top priority

Ikigai is the Japanese term for “reason for being”
What is your reason for being?
The link between Genetic Potential and Ikigai

Ikigai Workshop

4 Steps to discover your Ikigai

Liv your values
Design your life
Fill it with joy

Liv Your Life

Your Way

Putting it all together
Action Plan
Setting up your Perfect Week

Choose You

Each Retreat Day


Move For You

Bang for buck movement to take care of YOUR body


Mindset Reprogramming

Simple daily techniques to increase happiness


Shift your Emotional State

Experience shifting your emotional state in an instance


Heartfulness Meditation

Out of the head and into the heart

Our Next Retreat

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