4 Dimensional Wellness
Mentorship Programme

In this program:
We will be going deeper within and working on growing the 4 dimensions of ourselves.

  Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

   - Learn from World Class 4D Experts.
   - Understand & see clients through a whole new lens.
   - Coach, Clients & Businesses unleashing their potential.

A 4D Wellness Coach:
✔︎ Has a growth mindset and is committed first and foremost to growing themselves 4 dimensionally
✔︎ Accepts responsibility and understand that their personal and business results are a reflection of their own personal growth
✔︎ Understand that the human being is unique and 4 dimensional
✔︎ Take a 4D Approach to Wellness
✔︎ Coach the unique 4D individual – n=1
✔︎ Is open minded, with a passion for exploring, learning and implementing new concepts
✔︎ Is committed to making a difference in the world and sharing their unique gifts
✔︎ Wants to be a part of a powerful mastermind and is committed to collaboration and contribution

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"My passion is connecting people to their reason for being and inspiring them to appreciate and live their most fulfilling life... because... Life's too short not to."

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2018 Exercise Industry Awards


Award Winning Health Coaches.

For Trainers and Health Professionals That Are Ready To Answer Their Calling


Grow and expand the 4-dimensional you. Live your genetic potential. Connect to your reason for being. Bring joy to your life.


Work to your strengths and create flow. Grow your business in a direction that is best for you.


With 20yrs in the industry, Angela has an array of resources available to help you on your path.


Monthly live calls over zoom with Angela.

World Class Experts

Learn from World Class experts in their field with monthly education.


Action turns dreams into reality. Shared folders and check-ins.



THE ONLY 1:1 Monthly Coaching Solution with 10 personal sessions!
** Additional Personal Health Consultation & over $500 worth of health testing.
✔︎ Blood Chemistry Analysis and Report / Epigenetic Token and Profile
✔︎ 3 Business MasterMinds
✔︎ 3 Day Retreat on the Gold Coast
✔︎ Monthly Education Sessions including with International Experts

The 1-on-1 Solution



✔︎ 1:1 Initial Coaching Session in Month 1
✔︎ 90min Monthly Group MasterMind Calls (months 2-12)
✔︎ 2 Day Retreat on the Gold Coast
✔︎ Monthly Education Sessions including International Experts 

The Power of MasterMind

Each program provides access to:
✔︎ Facebook support groups;
✔︎ Educational, Personal and Business Resources; and
✔︎ Discounts on Health Testing, Courses.

“I have been very fortunate to mentor some amazing health professionals who are now operating at a level that is beyond what they thought possible. From astounding leveraging and profit increases, speaking engagements and workshops, opening new arms to their business, writing books, changing their client lives while living a fulfilled healthy life. My promise to you is that I won’t take on anyone who I don’t truly believe I can help. I will help you find someone who can. “

Angela Lee

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